What Do You Do When The Main Water Line To My Home Is Clogged

What Do You Do When The Main Water Line To My Home Is Clogged

What Do You Do When The Main Water Line To My Home Is Clogged

All over your home, you have drain lines responsible for carrying wastewater away from sinks, toilets, tubs, and more to the main sewer line out of your home. So, when this sewer line gets clogged, all the plumbing systems through your house will be unable to work. You will face a hassle at the whole plumbing system and may even end up with water backup and overflow coming from your fixtures, leaky pipes, and other issues. So, what may clog the main water line and cause this mess!

Reasons for Having A Clogged Main Waterline!

Rarely to face this type of clog, as most sewer lines are around 4 to 6 inches wide. So, when this clog happens, the debris that hits the sewer line must be big, or damage occurs to the line itself, like the pipes being bent or collapsed. So, the damage can keep waste from moving through the line. While on the top of the reasons that may cause clogged the main sewer drains is the tree roots. Tree roots, even tiny ones, can worm their way into your pipes over time. In the beginning, you may not realize any significant leak as the root will clog up the broken spot in the line. But with the consistent growth of the roots inside the pipe, they form a mass, clogging the line and making it hard to pass the sewage.

As well the fat and grease. If you pour greases, fats, or oils down a sink, they will cool and harden. Even if you spill hot water with the grease, it typically firms up by the time. So, it reaches your main sewer line as a fat blockage. Then, this fat clog sticks to your lines and causes a block. Also, the unflushed items can be a big reason for clogged main sewer lines like the paper towels, sanitary products, and other bulky items that drain into the toilet and the bath drains.

Besides shifting soil around the pipe, corrosion within the pipe, construction near the line, heavy traffic above the sewer pipe, and damaged pipe joints.

Your question now is, what do I do when having this main water line to my house clogged! Fortunately, you live in (Sugar Land, Texas), but why?

Steps To Do When Having Clogs At Your Main Water Line First, turn off the water in your home. This step keeps the situation from getting worse, preventing sewage flooding from the drains into your house.

Then, you have to call an expert plumber in (Sugar Land, TX) to assist you as fast as possible, so you are lucky. TX Sugar Land Water Heater is here in (City, Texas) and near you. We know well that you need to do the mission on your own, and we are used to providing our customers with the right fixing steps, attempting to help our clients solve the plumbing issue by themselves if they want that. However, this issue is different and needs expert plumbers and proper tools like TX Sugar Land Water Heater has.

These main sewer lines are often buried deep underground, far away from your home. It would be best to depend on special equipment and professional know-how to handle the clogs in these hidden pipes. The inability to repair it yourself doesn't mean you are helpless.

The problem with the DIY repair is that most sewer line clogs are caused by broken pipes, tree roots, and other problems deep within your plumbing system. So, it will be better to hire well-known professional plumbers like TX Sugar Land Water Heater.

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